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RICSNTA Voted to Unify with NASN

Posted almost 2 years ago by Diane Kowal

Dear Members,
You are each a part of history!
 For the 101 members who voted in favor of unification with NASN, congratulations. You are each a part of the changes that will occur within RICSNTA and NASN as we enter into the future unified. Please continue to have your voices be heard. Be active, be present, volunteer your time, and be an agent of change that helps to maintain the good of the past, while looking toward the future.
To the 31 persons who rejected unification, I sincerely did hear your voices. RICSNTA is hoping to work with you and support you through the changes ahead. Please continue to let your voice be heard, be active, be present, volunteer your time and help RICSNTA to maintain the good of the past as we look toward the future.
To all members, Thank you for being members of our great organization. Through each of your participation we are an organization whose mission is to enhance and promote the highest quality of school health services by empowering Certified School Nurse-Teachers through professional development, networking, advocacy, and support to enable students to achieve their optimal level of health and educational success. That continues to be our vision.
In terms of membership moving forward: relax and take a breath. Over the next few weeks we will work with NASN to figure out how it all works and we will be in touch. If you have any questions, please share them with us, so that we can be sure not to miss any concerns. We have a board meeting on October 19th. I hope to have more information for you after that meeting. 
In unity,


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