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RIDOH opportunity for nurses no longer working or not working in a clinical setting

Posted 7 months ago by Emilie Cunningham-Joost

Dear School Nurse Teachers,

As you know we at the RIDOH are working on COVID-19.  We are in need of nurses to fill temporary positions (4-6 months or longer) as leads of teams of Case Investigators as well as work on special teams. Those specialty teams are some of the following: nursing home/LTG; home health; group homes; shelters; employer team; pedi; childcare; K-12; university; etc.. 

We are interested in school nurse background and leadership skills. There may be some nurses out there that are no longer working or not working in a clinical setting. We will also consider other nurse backgrounds but looking for K-12 as one of the key areas.

All nurses/NPs must not be working in a clinical setting. The hours are 35 a week (primarily) and must include one weekend day. The week shifts are 8am-3:30pm or 11:30am – 7pm; the weekend is 8:30 to 4:30.

A two-week training will begin early to mid-October 2020. Much of the training would be remote with some in-person training required.

If you are interested, please contact me at the above emails, work, and personal, and I will send out more details in the event you are interested in. My phone number is 401-862-7099 if you prefer to call. 

Pass the information to any nurse that you may think would be interested in.   

Hope you all are well and remain that way!     


Thank you so much.


Carol A. Browning, MS, RN,BC
Consultant Public Health Nurse