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Calling all RICSNTA members!!

Posted 5 months ago by Emilie Cunningham-Joost

RICSNTA needs volunteers to serve on the board!
We have many nurses retiring this year and more in the next few years.
Our organization is in need of new people to continue the work of the board.
This board is a great group of hard working school nurse teachers!  They
 care deeply about our profession, the direction it is going and hope that you will consider
No matter what position you serve, you will have opportunities
and a voice in all the issues and activities of the board.
Most positions do not require many hours of work.
We have openings in the following areas-
Executive Board -Recording Secretary
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Leadership Development( AKA Nominating Committee)
Oral Health Statewide Liaison
Help with Health Education Committee at Educational meetings with registrations,etc.
Help with Legislative Committee, following bills, etc.
Don't see anything that peaks your interest?
Come to the next meeting and see how else you can be involved!
Please contact us for any information or email back.
Thank you.
Donna Lennon- 360-1259
Linda Mendonca- 374-2179